Hex empire maps

hex empire maps

Yes, the title would no longer be fitting (7-city- hex - empire), however the .. I have to set their starting points very far when the map editor comes. Map №. Click the field to. choose your capital. Select a capital of your country. Redosia. Violetnam. Bluegaria. Greenland. RANDOM MAP. CHANGE MAP. help. Kongregate Hex Empire is finally on kong!, post your thoughts on the fun map with many ports, multiple ways to attack, land is kinda.


Hex Empire New Tactic! Play the hardest difficulty in no time! Trending with Friends Activity Feed g Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates from around Kongregate! I befriended purple and just build up an army of tanks while the rest of them fought. If you noticed one condition to call my array perfect is to build all districts. FlashFreeGamesOnlineStrategy. Create your own and start something epic. April 19th, at 6: Besides, with thousands of maps and 45 in levels of difficulty, the replay value is excellent. hex empire maps


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